portrait of the designer

Isabelle Sandrin Vitale, créatrice de la marque Podame Mourillon

Isabelle Sandrin-Vitale, who is driven by her passion for fine fabrics and quality textiles, has developed her own creative activities, by dedicating her professional time between Paris, her home town and the South-East of France, where she decided to establish her manufacturing workshop.

In 2010, she created her first PODAME MOURILLON bags… high quality hand made bags, design & unique pieces… with some tapestries selected among the finest paintings made by French, English or Italian design editors, revealing her taste for choosing the material. With the addition of noble leather, the designer transforms the traditional shopping bag into a stylish and practical handbag for the daily life of an active woman and this is the beginning of a new range of leather and hand-coated canvas, through a piecework creation.

« The material sublimates the object and the quality makes the refinement »

Because her passion for woolly and silky materials and for leather becomes a real fascination, she then decided to launch a handbag capsule collection with high-quality leatheri handbags and with refine lines, easily recognizable.

She designs and refines her own models of leather handbags by putting her heart and soul into her creations … Thus was born this valuable bag from the hands of Isabelle. An extremely refined, exclusive and ultra-feminine noble leather handbag to go with the modern woman, who takes care about her appearance.

The interior of the shoulder bag / hobo bag is just as neat !

By comparing her creations to the alchemist’s work, the color harmonies of fabrics / leather and the finishes are well thought out and must be respectfully impeccable. Moreover, there is a piece of fine tapestry, a chosen embroidery that creates surprise. For a woman impassioned by precious materials and silky fabrics, it could not have been otherwise! Isabelle Sandrin-Vitale creates her own prototypes in her studio in the South-East of France, then entrusts a French dedicated experienced craftsman, the making of her exclusive/unique pieces.

From design for manufacturing, from start to finish, each stage of the process is thoroughly controlled in order to ensure to the clients a high « made in France » quality

Any relation with fabric is a matter of sensuality !

The sight represents the first contact, then, after, the touch is the second sense, to unleash the power of emotional connection.

The harmony of materials… silk, linen, wool, cotton… with the leather and some embroidery, is an experience to live.

Noteworthy and noticed,

this precious handcrafted hobo bag is one of these unique  handbags that will make you feel different

And as the beautiful uncommon things are coveted,
you will be Purposely Proud to hold a PODAME.